Packaging Materials

Wimpex Limited utilises an established network of international affiliates to offer a range of high quality pre-printed food grade flexible packaging materials for, what we believe to be, New Zealand’s most competitive prices. All flexible packaging materials are certified food grade by the EU, ASTM, and FDA authorities. Material is available in up to 12 colour rotogravure print.

Flexible packaging material is advantageous in that it conforms to the size and shape of the packaged item. Product occupies less space than when packaged in canisters, cartons or cans. Flexible packaging therefore offers weight and bulk advantages in shipping and handling.

Wimpex Limited has access to a wide array of styles, sizes, and barriers to suit your specific need.

Foil & metallised film
Standard pouches
Stand up pouches
Re-sealable (zip lock) pouches
Gusset pouches
Spout pouches
Coffee pouches ( incl valved)
Lidding film
Rotogravure print in up to 12 colours
Printed canisters in a wide variety of shapes and styles

A gold medalist for the entry – Healtheries Chai Latte retail carton – in the 2013 Pride In Print Awards, Wimpex Limited works with it’s suppliers to source printed and non printed cartons of the highest quality whilst maintaining cost effectiveness.

Wimpex Limited’s commitment to packaging materials reflects that the packaging of any product creates the critical first impression. It is the major determinant in consumer appeal, and therefore the best means to differentiate a product from its competition.

Wimpex Limited’s technical experts have over 20 years of industry expertise in developing optimum food packaging solutions and are always available to discuss all requirements.